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5 Awesome Marketing Ideas for Realtors

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          1.   Provide Virtual Tours

Give potential buyers a complete visual of your client’s home with a virtual tour. Utilize high quality digital images and video that captures the essence of the property. Many realtors have started using drones to retrieve unique views and breathtaking visuals. For more on the use of drones in real estate marketing, visit here.

          2.   Boost Your Facebook Posts

Boosting your Facebook posts guarantees that you reach more people. Facebook allows you to customize your audience so that your posts are seen by the demographic you choose. Boosting is relatively inexpensive and is a sure way to increase your visibility.

          3.   Have Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials breathe life into your business and create a layer of social proof that cannot be reached elsewhere. Videos of real people talking about real experiences create a level of trust with potential clients that is not achievable with mere written quotations. For more insight, visit here.

          4.   Start a Podcast

A podcast is an excellent way to grow your business and solidify yourself as an expert in all things real estate. As a realtor, you can interview real estate and mortgage professionals and give your listeners valuable insight into the markets. A podcast is likely to build your network and increase your referrals. Channel your inner Ryan Seacrest and start a podcast today. For more on logistics, visit here.

          5.   Create a Blog

Similar to podcasts, real estate blogs can provide people with valuable information about the real estate market and also showcase your expertise. If you feel that your writing is not up to par, I recommend picking up a copy of Ann Handley’s book, Everybody Writes, available here. Be sure to upload your blog posts on social media to increase your visibility.

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